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Getting to the 'ROOT' of the matter

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Each one, FEED many

As human beings living on this planet; we all deserve the ABUNDANCE of fresh produce and other foods; especially if they are grown from the Earth!

But for those living in the United States; we are fortunate to have fresh food, BUT  is it being supplied to EVERYONE???

Like so many other farmers markets all over the United States, it is our MISSION to bring fresh foods to the residents that live in the Town of Greenburgh. 

The GREAT thing is that the food provided at the farmer's market is for EVERYONE; regardless of their economic status.  Food insecurity and poor diets should not be an issue to people, who want to make the choice to eat better and to feel better for themselves and their families!

The FGFM is PROUD to be a part of helping people/families to live healthier lifestyles

Net Covering Crops


For the Fairview Greenburgh Farmer's Market to CONTINUE for many years to come to provide the residents of Greenburgh and beyond ACCESSIBILITY and SUSTAINABILITY to farm fresh foods and small business owned goods/products.

Lettuce Farm
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For the Fairview Greenburgh Farmers Market to provide FRESH and HEALTHIER food choices to the public and decrease food insecurity.

*THANK YOU to our Sponsor, Market in the Heights

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